Stacy Julian, one of my favorite scrapbooking gurus, has a portion of her website www.stacyjulian.com dedicated to sprinkles. Sprinkles are those things in life that just make it more enjoyable like sprinkles on a cupcake. (Get it?) Some of her sprinkles include: cinnamon toast, sidewalk chalk, taking a music bath, and the list goes on. Check out her website and blog for more!

I love how Stacy has the ability to see the good in everything! But sometimes there are those days when things just don’t work out. So as an opposite to Stacy’s “sprinkles” I would like to propose a list of “puddles.” You know, those annoying things that just creep into your day and make it a little annoying? So here is a list of my Top Ten Puddles:

10. Walking to the coffee pot at work and discovering there is just a little bit of burnt coffee left in the pot~ Does anyone really like the last two ounces of burnt coffee? Is there really a need to save it?

9. The rogue sock laying in the middle of the hallway.

8. When someone says they need “five minutes of your time” and an hour later you are still talking~ Why can’t people just say – “I need to talk to you for a while?”

7. Being stuck in a room where someone thinks they are an expert at something they are not! The same goes for watching the news, reading a newspaper article, etc.

6. Phonecalls around little one’s bedtime. No I do not need a new mortgage or storm windows.

5. Walking into a cobweb – ew!!!

4. Dirt on the rug I just swept. I think it crawls on there by itself!

3. Moldy bread

2. A toddler tantrum

1. Realizing that there is no toilet paper in the stall of the public restroom you are using.

By now, I’m sure you’re asking: “So what’s the deal with the depressive puddles?” Actually, I think the whole point is to be able to step around them as much as we can. And remember every once in a while you may just end up with wet feet. 🙂 It’s all part of life!

Have a great day!

And feel free to use this post as a chance to vent about your puddles.


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