Time Challenge Tuesday

Can I tell you what words I absolutely cannot handle as an excuse for anything?  “I just didn’t have time.”  To any multi-tasking person these words are simply annoying.  Why?  Because the truth of the matter is you did have time you just chose to do something else you felt was more important.

Looking at that last paragraph I am thinking that was probably a little harsh, and that isn’t how I meant it.  It just is the truth.  We do have time to do things – we ultimately choose what we want to do with our time.  So instead of saying, “I just didn’t have time” can we just say “I didn’t want to.”  That makes more sense.

Are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things left on your “to-do” list?  May Flaum suggests that one of the easiest ways to tackle your to do list is to give yourself a time challenge.  What is this?  I will give you an example.  I have only ten minutes before I need to leave for work so instead of just leaving ten minutes early or checking my e-mail for the tenth time on my Blackberry I am going to unload the dishwasher or sweep the floor in a room or throw clothes down the laundry shoot.  Instead of getting discouraged or putting it off until later, get encouraged by finding ways to challenge yourself to use your time.  Try it!


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