Work Rant

So there will not be a lot of times that I rant about work.  In fact I am hoping that this will be the only time.  So can I just say something that I am really sick of – and maybe it isn’t just work – it is really the world in general.  I am sick of entitlement and expecting everyone to pat you on the back simply for showing up.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a cookie and a pat on the back as much as anyone, but I’m not going to cry if someone doesn’t acknowledge my contributions where I simply do my job.  I mean seriously do we have to stroke everyone’s ego for just showing up?  Whatever happened to going above and beyond because it is what you are supposed to do?

And here is the last thing – whatever happened to leaving a place of employment with integrity?  I am all for people moving onto new opportunities, but I feel like so often people forget that what goes around comes around.  Why do people feel like they need to light every bridge on fire when they give a two week’s notice?  It doesn’t make anyone miss you when you hit the door.

That’s my vent-

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