Um…Yes Your Kid

   So this post is for all of those parents with children who often find themselves consoling a tender hearted little one.  My little one is not a baby, and by no means to we coddle her.  She needs to know that the world isn’t always fair and that sometimes things don’t go your way.  She knows how to push back, but she also knows that her mommy and daddy will discipline her if she acts like a mini-monster. 

   I abhor bad parenting.  When I see a child acting out towards other children (especially mine) and the offending child’s parent does nothing I must remind myself that I am “too pretty for prison.”  Does anyone else think that “you mean my kid?” look is the dumbest thing that any parent can do?  I mean seriously – OWN IT!  I own it when my child is acting like a terrorist, and no I don’t negotiate.  What makes it so difficult?


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