Speed Bumps

Have you ever been chugging along and then all of a sudden something or someone just stops you in your tracks?  And you know, there really isn’t a reason for that person to be stopping you they just seem to get in your way.  Over the past week I have had the pleasure of dealing with one of these people. 

Now the multi-tasking inner preschooler in me would like to shoot him, stuff him, and mount him on the wall, but fortunately (especially for him) the mature, multi-tasking, Christian adult is prevailing and I am dealing with every question, inquisition, stall tactic, undermining attack, and so on and so forth with every bit of grace that God gives me – and I thank Him for it!

So why am I sharing this?  Because it is an opportunity to talk about struggle or as I prefer to call them speed bumps.  When things are going amazing in your Christian walk and everyday life Satan throws up a wall.  Well, instead of looking at the wall and getting angry and discouraged how about you look at it as a speed bump. Take a minute – Pray – and continue to roll on.  Yes it may slow you down, and it may be a little bumpy, but in the end you will be all the better for having pushed on.  And who knows – maybe God is trying to teach the “bump” something as well.


One thought on “Speed Bumps

  1. Awesome points!!!! To bad people (myself included) do not look at problems that way, they look at the wall and say “what’s the use”.

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