I Still Remember…

On September 11th nine years ago it was just another morning of my junior year of college.  I was getting up to start the day and turning on the news (a habit of mine since junior high.)  And I watched as the world changed before my eyes.

Now as I look back from nine years the scars are still fresh.  As a wife and mother it feels even more real than it did nine years ago.  I’m not sure why, but this year above all others seems to be hitting me harder.  Maybe it is because I feel our country is heading in the wrong direction, oblivious to the warning signs of economic failure, much like we were oblivious to the warnings of terrorism a decade ago.  Maybe it is because it seems like we are forgetting what happened on that sunny morning nine years ago.  I’m not sure, but this I can say…

I still remember, and I will never forget.


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