Drying Fall Leaves – Who Knew?

So the little one has begun a “Mom-n-Tot” program.  Actually it is more of a Grandma and tot program since I am working on the day that she is going.  But in all seriousness I am loving the fact that I have to get random things ready for her school day on Mondays!

Today Maddy and I had to pick fall leaves for class tomorrow.  So here’s a random tip for drying leaves for a project.  Set you oven to 180 degrees and place “damp” leaves in the oven for twenty minutes.  Keep an eye on them if they are leaves that have turned and dropped from the trees.  If you pick green leaves (for those high school leaf projects) you can dry them at the same temperature for approximately four hours.  A word of caution – keep an eye on them because they get brittle fast!

So that’s my random tip for the day – now go dry some leaves!  🙂


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