Let’s Talk About the Governor’s Race…

Okay, if there is anyone left reading this post after the title I thank you for your love and support because you are most likely a family member reading my blog out of sympathy.

Here are the candidates for Ohio Governor and their Lieutennant Governor running mate:

Democrat: Ted Strickland/ Yvette McGee Brown

Republican: John Kasich/ Mary Taylor

Green: Dennis S. Spisak/ Anita Rios

Libertarian: Ken Matesz/ Margaret Ann Leech

So what do we know about all of these candidates – besides that there must have been some unwritten rule that this years Lieutenant Governor had to be a woman?  Ted Strickland is our current Governor and was elected to his first term in 2006.  As Governor, Strickland has guided Ohio to high unemployment and additional taxation.  Strickland touts that he has run a balanced budget Ohio for the past four years without a tax increase, but he advocated that our tax decrease instituted by Ohio’s Congress and his predecessor Taft be suspended and made retroactive last year.  Strickland is dancing on the verbiage – in my world suspending the tax decrease IS RAISING TAXES. 

John Kasich is a former State Congressman, Federal Congressman, and Fox News Contributor.  In Congress he was one of the Architects of the Contract with America in the 1990’s.  He is a fiscal conservative with a strong stance on lowering personal and business taxes in Ohio.  I don’t want to come across too strong for Kasich, but I really like him as a candidate.  He is straightforward, does not talk over constituents’ heads when questioned, and he has a history of standing up for his principles. 

So the Green and Libertarian candidates I know nothing about and I’m not taking the time to research them.  For me the race was between the Republican and Democrat candidates. 

Here are some Additional Resources:

Ted Strickland’s Campaign Website http://www.tedstrickland.com/

John Kasich’s Campaign Website http://www.kasichforohio.com


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