A Convict, a Congressman, and a Greek…

Does anyone see a really bad joke coming your way?  Well if you live in Ohio’s 17th Congressional District (as I do) let’s just say the joke might be on you.  The race this year is between James Traficant (the Convict), Timothy Ryan (the Congressman), and Jim Graham (the Greek.)

So here’s my beef with the current Congressional Incumbent Timothy Ryan: he’s a shill for the Democratic party and cares more about pleasing the Washington-Powers-that-be instead of his constituents.  Ryan voted for the stimulus, banking regulations, healthcare, and cap-n-trade.  I’m not sure of his feelings on card-check, but I’m thinking if Nancy Pelosi asks him to jump he is simply going to ask her “how high?”  As someone who has constantly contacted his office concerning legislation and been ignored let’s just say I’m a little ticked off.  That said, if you want more information from Timmy about how he’s working for the Mahoning Valley you can find him at www.timryanforcongress.com .  Now excuse me while I go barf.

Don’t want to vote for the Congressman?  Well there are two other options: Convicted felon James Traficant and Jim Graham (who I lovingly call the Greek.)  Traficant is the former holder of the 17th Congressional seat and went to Federal prison for eight years for bribery and other charges.  Some in the Mahoning Valley say that “Jimmy” was set up by the Feds.  Personally, I’m sure there was some validity to the charges; however, I think some of his woes had to do with the fact that he was outspoken and looking for trouble.  Regardless of his conviction, I think it is possible that he may be reelected.  The Mahoning Valley has a special place in its heart for Jim.

Okay, let’s talk about “The Greek.”  Jim Graham came to the US with his parents in 1954 and became a naturalized citizen when he was a teenager.  He is a pharmacist and has never held an elected position.  It is painfully clear that Graham is the David in this David v. Goliath political battle simply by looking at his website http://www.jimgrahamforcongress.com Jim made the decision to run for Congress in September 2009 when it was clear that healthcare was going to most likely be written into law.  There isn’t anything that I have found out about him that I do not like.  He is not a politician; he is a regular guy who decided that enough was enough.  He is a Conservative ,and I do not think he is campaigning to be popular in the Democrat stronghold that is the 17th District.

So there you have it.  The Congressman, the Convict, and the Greek all want your vote on November 2nd.  For me the answer is clear, but I hope you take some time to think about it.  And for those of you who do not live in my district think about what you would do.  Do you vote for the guy who probably doesn’t have a chance even though he is the best man for the job or do you vote for the guy with a checkered past because he might win and he’s better than the incumbent?  As for me, I’m going to stand on principle and stand with Jim Graham.


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