Why I am not a “Country Club Yuppie”

So my parents belong to a local country club.  I love going with them to special events and Sunday dinners.  Let’s be honest, it’s fun to do that stuff sometimes.  That said,  let me also level with ya…I hate Country Club Children.  Not those eight year olds running around screaming and not listening to their parents (that is for a totally different blogpost.)

I am talking about those thirty and forty somethings with the eight year olds who would rather drink the evening away instead of being an active parent.  Those adults who grew up in the Country Club mentality that the only people of great importance are themselves.  If you don’t already know it let me refresh your memory on my views concerning entitlement – it’s asinine. Whether rich or poor I don’t believe that anyone is entitled to anything.  You work for it!  And even if you do work for it – nothing gives you the right to treat others like dirt.

Case in point – my mom was kind enough to purchase tickets for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Polar Express through the “club.”  The trip included passage in a private car with dinner and a cash bar.  So maybe the real title to this blog should be “Why there should never be a cash bar on the Polar Express” but back to the point.  I will admit that we were not on the most lively of Polar Express train cars – the elves were a little old, and maybe should be looking into elf retirement, but I digress.  Instead of trying to make things great for their kids these club yuppies downed beers, mixed drinks, and wine while letting their kids run loose and badger the elf staff.  The kids mauled Santa when he entered the car, left the train a mess, never sat down when asked, and screamed through the entire Polar Express Story.  During this the parents did nothing but berate the elf staff and ignore their pleas for help.  I was not happy, and I’m sure the elf brigade was glad to be rid of us by the end of the evening.  For example: it is not okay for a grown man (who in his daily life is a respected physician) to berate the 70 year old volunteer elf for telling the children to sit down with their parents.  Here’s another thought Doc ~ if you and the Mrs. have to be lit to enjoy your children then maybe you need to brush up on your parenting skills.

If being a member of a Country Club means you get to check your manners at the door then no thank you.


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