Kale Chips Anyone?

As you know I’m working on “Renew” as my word of the year.
For the first part of the year I have chosen to work on renewing my
physical being. I’m currently taking a class from Big Picture
Classes called Wellness Journey that is a scrapbooking class paired
with workout and eating plans. In essence it is Weight Watchers for
scrapbookers. Anyway, I’ve begun working out again in the mornings,
and I am trying to eat better. The best part of the class is it is
low pressure and it is a diverse group of people enrolled. I am not
sure if I believe the people who are saying they worked out for two
hours at the gym every day…those people who say “I did ten sit
ups today and I feel like I can’t move” I believe. Seriously who
would make that up? I am also trying some new recipes. Maddy and I
made kale chips last Sunday. Let’s just say that they are not on the
top of my snack list, but I could make them again. So here’s hoping
that I can continue to renew and say goodbye to the unfit! Here
goes nothing! Oh! And did I mention that soy milk is


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