Friday Five for January 21, 2011

1.  Maddy’s birthday party is tomorrow!  We are in the process of making paper decorations for her party reminiscent of those we made for the wedding last July.

2.  Shakeology.  I’m actually liking this stuff.  No, seriously!  It is quite yummy and really filling.  I use almond milk or soymilk.

3.  Yoga Booty Ballet.  While I know the title is campy and the workouts are too, I am having fun!  These workouts are definitely a good transition back into a fitness routine.  I know I’m not shedding five pounds a week, but I’m also not cursing the new morning routine…as much.

4.  Time.  I’m loving the extra twenty minutes I have between my workout and when the rest of the family awakes.  It is kind of nice just being quiet.

5.  The weekend!  I’m looking forward to a fabulous birthday party, AND I am hoping for some creative downtime as well!

I’ll keep you posted!


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