Boundaries: A Parenting Staple

So a few days ago I was at an event with Michael.  I normally feel like I can keep things pretty real on the blog, but some of the details of the event are going to be changed to protect the innocent…or guilty.

Anyway, we’re sitting at the table eating when another person utters within earshot of us “I guess that’s why people wait until their kids are six to take them to a restaurant.”  She was referring to a little one who was obviously testing the limits of parental patience, but nevertheless she made the point to say she doesn’t take her kids out in public because she doesn’t know how to behave.

Seriously lady that I really don’t know?  Given the fact that I didn’t know her I decided that I should just be a polite person and stay quiet on the issue, but if I had been able to say something…here is what I would have said.

Are you crazy lady?  Seriously?  Because I have not heard of something more ridiculous since…well…ever!  Hello?  So what you’re telling me is that people with young children should not go out because they might misbehave or better yet you are afraid to take your children into public because you cannot trust that they will be good enough to get through an hour long meal?  Here’s a word for you that might come in handy: boundaries.

I’m not a parenting expert, but as someone who is raising a preschooler and leads a large preschool ministry I’m going to tell you that children test you.  They are going to act up in places where you do not want them to because they are testing the boundaries of their discipline and you ability to parent them.  As such this should not be cause for alarm resulting in your inability to leave the home with them until they are driving themselves.  Come on!  How about giving them a warning?  Are you really chicken to give your child a time out in a restaurant?  You might find out that showing your little angel that there are boundaries may do you both a world of good.


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