Thirty Things I’ve Learned in Thirty Years

Well it is here.  I’m thirty.  I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing, but I’m assuming that it is going to be just like any other birthday.  That said, I’m still thinking that I should blog about something epic.  I’ve seen these types of posts around the web so I figured why not try it.  So here is a list of thirty things that I have learned in the last thirty years.  Some are profound, some are silly, and some may make you think, but they are all true.  🙂


1.  Appreciate the time you have with those you love.

2.  Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet.

3.  God answers prayer.

4.  Children will humble you.  There is nothing like the tantrum in the cereal aisle to remind you that every parent battles with their little one.  And there is nothing like that tantrum to also make you think twice before judging another parent with a screaming child in the grocery store.

5.  Don’t take things too seriously.  Life is so much brighter when approached with a sense of humor.  Ulcers are for wimps.

6.  Worrying does happen (yes I know I’m contradicting #5) it is how you handle the worry that makes you a success.

7.  God’s timing is perfect.  It is the waiting part that is so hard.

8.  Always try your best, but remember that doesn’t mean perfection.

9.  My parents really did know what they were talking about when I was a teenager.  It is amazing how once I went to college they became utter geniuses…obviously that is when my lightbulb went off.  Nothing is better than being able to call your mom one of your best friends.

10.  Working with preschoolers will give you the immunity to withstand any major viral outbreak in the world; buy stock in tissues the first year you do.

11.  Exercise is a good thing, but when it is at 6:00 a.m. it can be brutal and downright suck.

12.  No one is as hard on you as YOU.  Give yourself a break once in a while.

13.  It is okay to give people a handout as long as it is accompanied by a hand up.

14.  Trust people.  Even if it means you get hurt once in a while.  It is better to live your life trusting those around you than to always be looking over your shoulder.

15.  Oxyclean is the miracle detergent.

16.  Special K Chocolate Delight with Light Chocolate Soymilk is super yummy!

17.  There is an app for almost everything.

18.  Nothing makes the horizon look better than a good night sleep.

19.  Saving money is more rewarding than spending it, but is isn’t always as fun.

20.  Forgiveness is hard sometimes, but without it you will never learn to truly love someone.

21.  Admit when you are wrong.

22.  Never apologize for who you are.

23.  Smile.

24.  Take some time each day to say I Love You.

25.  Self-expression is really great therapy.  Don’t be afraid to get dirty…everything washes!

26.  Be silly with your kids.  They need to see you in that light.

27.  Hug those you love.

28.  Travel.  Even if it is just exploring the immediate world around you.  There is always something new to discover if you are open to it.

29.  Procrastination happens.  There is nothing wrong with waiting to the last minute so long as you accomplish your commitment and do your best.  I used to try to get everything done as early as possible and killed myself in the process.  Take deep breaths and take your time.  Getting there is half of the fun.

30.  Life is a dress rehearsal, but there is nothing wrong with making sure you play for keeps.


3 thoughts on “Thirty Things I’ve Learned in Thirty Years

  1. Happy Birthday Chrissy! I always love reading your blog. I’m so happy that I get to have lunch with you today on your actual birthday. See you soon.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much from you these past 12 years. I’m looking forward to many more together! Love you!

  3. Happy Birthday Chrissy! What a beautiful blog post!!! I must say my favs are 7, 9, 10…..and 17 (yes, there is an app for EVERYTHING!!! 😉

    Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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