Just a thought…

Okay, so I cannot just sit by and watch what is going on in Indiana and Wisconsin and not weigh in.  I’m not going to go into my views on collective bargaining.  Honestly, those are things that you can message me about – or better yet, invite me for a cup of coffee and we can talk about them.

Here’s what frosts me…I struggle with people who walk away from a fight.  Look I know that these issues are tough ones, but what gives these elected officials the gumption to just walk away from a vote simply because they are going to lose?  I find it immature.  Here are people who have been elected to office and instead of standing up and fighting about things in the legislatures, offering amendments to bills, making speeches against the measures, etc. they are held up in hotels out-of-state bringing the government to a halt.  As someone who actively votes and rarely gets the elected official she wants, I still hold my officials responsible.  I may not like what they vote for all of the time, but I at least want them to show up.  Come on!  What type of example are we showing our children by behaving this way?  It is okay to run away from a fight if it means that you can stick it to the other guy?  Really?  Is this what we want them to see?

So here’s the last of my two cents on this issue.  If this were happening in my district and my elected official fled the state so  he or she would not have to vote on an issue I would be calling for a recall regardless of if I voted for the person or not.  Walking away to make sure the opposing side cannot enact their agenda is petty and juvenile.  Shame on you guys…didn’t your mothers teach you to behave nicely?  Our children are watching.



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