Oh Life

Happy Thursday!  A few weeks ago I talked about ways to jumpstart your journaling, and I wanted to share another wonderful tool for personal journaling called Oh Life.

Oh Life is a free service that sends you an e-mail once a day simply asking “How was your day?”  All you have to do to create a journal entry for the day is just reply to the e-mail.  The journal entries can be printed out, and you can change your e-mail frequency as well.

I’m loving this program because there are times it catches me in the middle of a moment that I might not have remembered if I wasn’t prompted to do so.  Another really cool thing is that the e-mail can include a past entry as well which gives you a glimpse into what you were thinking and feeling on a past day.  Since the website is completely private it can also allow you to be more candid than you might be in a paper journal.

Another problem that I have with paper journaling that I do not have with Oh Life is that I am a much faster typer than writer.  I am able to fire back a quick e-mail without even thinking.  Writing in a journal has always seemed so labor intensive to me.  If you have been thinking about journaling, but just didn’t think you had the time I encourage you to just try it.  If you do not like your journal you also have the ability to delete your account – but you will never know unless you try.


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