Friday Five: iPhone App Edition

So I’m enjoying the whole Friday Five thing.  We shall see how long it lasts…probably when I run out of lists, but here is another installment.

Today I bring you the five iPhone Aps that I cannot live without.  While I know some of them I may have talked about before I’m still singing their praises, which says a lot for me since I tend to have a short App attention span.

1.  Evernote – I’ve blogged prolifically about this App before, but I am still loving all of the things that it can help me do.  From grocery lists to scrapbooking ideas it is wonderful.  I love that I can sync it from any computer and it is coupled with an online account.  Everything in a photo is searchable which makes taking a photo of a label when you are shopping an easy save for later.  And let’s not forget the best part…FREE!

Evernote logo

2.  Words with Friends – Move over Scrabble.  Words with Friends is just as fun and can be played between App users.  I love that I am able to have multiple games and their is not time limit.  Are your friends intimidated by your mad word skillz?  This App gives you the option to connect with strangers for a game as well.

Words With Friends

3.  Hipstamatic – Who doesn’t love this iPhone favorite.  I love the photos it takes and how easily it syncs with my camera roll.  All of the photos can also be used with Evernote which can make printing a snap.  Also, if you are already have this App I also suggest its brother Incredibooth.


4.  Supernanny – This is such a great tool for parents with little ones.  The reward charts are great for keeping Maddy “bribed” and on her best behavior.  I didn’t realize the power an iPhone app could have on her, but it seriously works.  There are also parenting tips and a time out countdown as well but the reward chart alone is worth the space on your iPhone if you have a small child.


5.  Chipotle – I will admit it: our family is addicted to Chipotle in general, but this App does not help our burrito problem.  One touch ordering when you save your orders and the ability to pay ahead of time.  You will never have to stand in line again!!!!!

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