Friday Five: Blog Edition

Happy Friday all! I hope you are prepping for some great weekend activities, but I couldn’t pass up another opportunity for a Friday Five. This week I’m telling you about five blogs that I enjoy reading. When Michael asks, “What could you possibly be doing on the Internet for so long?” this is usually the answer…

1. May Flaum: May is great scrap teacher and designer! Her blog not only covers the scrap world, but also the everyday. She inspires me to want to create things that are fun for me!  I describe her style as vintage, glittery, girly fun!  Her home decor projects are cute and easy.  When I grow up I want to be a designer like May.

2. Christy Tomlinson & Scarlet Lime: Christy is the owner of the Scarlet Lime Kit Club and is an amazing artist. She is currently teaching the “She Art Workshop.” I love her style, and I love her kits!

3. Stacy Julian: Some people describe her as the “Zen Master of Scrapbooking,” but I just think she is a cool lady.  Her blog is full of so many useful tidbits, and most of it has nothing to do with scrapbooking.

4. Paperclipping: Noelle Hyman has a blog full of inspiration and great ideas. She is the co-host of the Paperclipping Roundtable which you can also find linked through her site.  Noelle’s husband, Izzy, is her producer and edits all of the video you will find on the site.  It is the most professional website concerning scrapbooking that I have encountered.

5. Dottie Angel:  The best way to describe this blog is in the words of its writer.  “dottie angel lives in a run down cottage over looking the sea. she has two airstream trailers in the yard, one is her studio and the other stores her vast collection of vintage notions… her eight children are home schooled and spend the day outside running barefoot and their evenings sitting by the fireplace, learning ancient crafting technics. they never talk back to their mother and always smile… she has several chickens, seven rescued greyhounds and a bearded dragon named STIG… dottie spends most days dressed in an old vintage slip that belonged to her grandmother, that she customized. she thinks to herself, surely everyone dreams of living this life, or at least dressing like they do… Tif lives in suburbia, is a Brit, a mother of four kids who talk back and a wife. she wears a customized slip and dreams of living dottie angel’s life…”  This blog is just fun!

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, I see there being several parts to this “Friday Five.”

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