Scrappy Monday: Scrapping the Little Things

Meet Pinky…

Pinky is currently Madeline’s best friend.  Every night Pinky must be tucked in next to Maddy or else she cannot sleep.  Lets just say that Pinky missing in our house is the equivalent of a nuclear missile heading towards NYC.  Since Pinky is such an important part of Maddy’s life I thought he (at least I think it is a “he”) deserved a page of his own.

I’m in a phase right now of trying to scrap some of the little things.  You know, the things that you say you are always going to remember, but end of forgetting.  Even if I do not have the time to scrap it right now I’m finding myself taking photos and cataloging them into Evernote or entering information in the metadata in my photo cataloging software.  Both of those sound super complicated, but really it isn’t.

Even if you are not a scrapbooker I encourage you to take a moment today and notice a little thing.  Is there something you do every day?  Is there a song you are particularly fond of at this moment in time?  What is inspiring you right now?  Take a moment today and journal or just celebrate it.  You will not regret it.

Here are the finished results of my most recent “little things” project.


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