She Art #3: She is smiling through the journey…and Giveaway

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to share another canvas I completed for the She Art Workshop that I am taking from Christy Tomlinson.  I love all of the fun things I am learning about, and how messy everything is getting.  I’m learning to accept the creative mess…not something I’ve come to embrace easily.

On a side note, Christy is going to be offering her workshop again in April so if you are even thinking about trying your had at mixed media art I encourage you to take this class.  It is a really inexpensive class and well worth it for the amount of information she gives you.  I love how she talks to the painting while she creates.  If you sign up please tell her I (Chrissy Johnston) pointed you in her direction.  She is giving away a free spot on her blog here.

So here she is:

This time I focused on creating a real background as well as adding some extra texture to her dress.  I love the 50’s inspired dress and the beehive hairdo.

Here are some more up close photos of the background and the words.  I chose these words because they are a real representation of what this class is helping me to accomplish.

Remember to smile through your journey!


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