Daily Junque: My Week in the Life Project

I received an Archiver’s Daily Junque Kit for my birthday.  Okay, confession: I begged Michael for this kit as a birthday present because I LOVE how amazing House of 3 is when it comes to creating papers that look three-dimensional.

When I opened the kit I immediately set to work putting the album together.  At that point I really did not have a clear plan.  This was a little unsettling for me because I am a “scrap with a purpose” kind of girl, but since I was enjoying just playing with the pretty papers I let it go.  About halfway through the project I erupted into a small panic moment when I realized:

1.  This book was more difficult and taking more time to put together than I thought

2.  What am I going to do with this thing once I’m done?

After a few moments of crying softly in a corner I had an epiphany: it is okay not to have a plan!  Instead of figuring it all out I figured I could put everything together without photos and then figure out the rest…and then about three seconds later I said “scrap that” I’m going to do a “week in the life” project because the whole album will be done ahead of time and all I will need to do is add the photos and journaling.  I had never done a project like this, but I was anxious to try it…and I had an empty album just waiting for the photos and journaling.

So I did; here it is.

So what are my thoughts after completing a project outside of my normal process?  I survived.  While it is not something I will attempt often it was a good exercise.  I used trusty Evernote to compile all of the information during the week so most of the journaling was already done or prompted which made putting the information in the album pretty easy.  In keeping with the Junque theme I also used Hipstamatic and Plastic Bullet on my iPhone.  I love the rough effects in the photos.

I’m impressed with how well things turned out, and I’m looking forward to the next project kit that Archiver’s releases. This one was challenging enough to keep me interested without walking away in frustration…and it looks amazing!


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