Scrappy Monday: Incorporating Your Child’s Projects Into Your Layouts

Happy Scrappy Monday to you!

A few weeks ago I shared a Scrappy Monday project where Maddy created the base paper.  As she gets older she is becoming more aware of what Mommy does as a hobby and is very interested in “helping.”  At the same time she is alway creating a lot of projects on her own.  Like any mom, I am challenged by what to do with so many of these projects that are absolutely precious to me while at the same time not allowing every scrap of paper to overrun my house.  Isn’t that every mom’s dilemma?

So I decided that I should use some of her creations in my scrap projects to document her progress and to help with some of my scrap stories.  Here is one of my latest creations using a Valentine she made for her preschool class…

Is this layout my best?  I don’t really think so, but the point of this exercise wasn’t scrap perfection.  I was able to incorporate Maddy’s art into my project and save a story with the actual ephemera.  I love that now her project is saved in our library of memories and not crammed in the office drawer.  So maybe I did achieve that perfection after all…

So here are some additional tips for incorporating children’s projects into layouts:

1.  Use them as the base paper (if they are large enough)

2.  Use as a photo mat or an accent embellishment on which to place journaling

3.  Don’t be afraid to embellish on or around the artwork!


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