Maddy in Real Time: Friday, March 25

Hi Guys!

So as some of your are aware my loving husband is traveling the globe for work.  Since he’s going to be on a completely different time schedule I’m going to be doing some additional blogposts for him (and I guess you) as a way to keep him informed as to what is going on in our lives just in case we cannot communicate on the phone or Skype.  I know it may just be overkill, but hey..

And for anyone thinking – hey, why are you letting the world know you’re home alone?  Do you seriously think I’m in any way unsecure?  ’nuff said-

So Daddy left today for India (you can follow his blog here.)  We were a little teary leaving the airport…mostly me…but we had a very special event planned for the evening: The Imagination Movers In a Big Warehouse Tour with guest starts Nina and Warehouse Mouse!  To say that we are fans of the Movers does not even come close to a real description.  We love them!  And let’s be honest parents (or those who deal with small children) at least their music is catchy…they are NOT the Wiggles.

So here are some photos from our Friday adventure…

Choo Choo Soul opened up the show.  I love Genevieve and D.C.  I love Genevieve’s stance on wardrobe that you can look hot and be completely covered up.  Way to be a role model for little girls Genevieve…can we get you out in the world and not just on Disney Junior?  Daddy, I thought you would like that stance for Maddy.

Maddy played “lap hop” though the concert.  I guess that makes sense since there were four women with her that absolutely love her!  This is a photo of Grammy’s turn to hold Maddy.

Final bow at the concert!

The after party!  Maddy had a front row seat to this little jam session.  She loved listening to the songs and then got to meet the Movers and Nina.  I think fun was definitely had by all!

A note to Daddy: She did get her photo with the Movers by a professional photographer so I’m waiting for them to upload the photos so we can download them.  Once I have that photo I will post it, but we were not allowed to take pictures – only the professional.


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