Maddy in Real Time: Tuesday, March 29

Maddy had an amazing day!  She woke up this morning to a blue basket from Grandma filled with donuts and Tangled!  She has been anxiously awaiting the release of this movie since she saw it during our trip to Hilton Head over the holidays.  In celebration of its release we decided to have a Tangled release party tonight!

But before she could attend the release party, Maddy had a full day ahead of her which included Zoo Camp at the Akron Zoo.  Grammy had the fun job of tagging along and taking some pictures.

After the excitement at the zoo, Maddy had even more fun at her Tangled release party.  Everyone had to show up in their jammies since it was already past Maddy’s bedtime when the party began.  Maddy ate a ton of sugar, sang, and danced through the whole movie.  I’m not sure if she even watched the movie, but she definitely had a blast!

We’re having lots of fun and keeping busy while Daddy is away, but we still miss him lots.  Maybe when he gets back from his travels we can have another party just the three of us…

See?  We’re giddy with excitement at the thought!



One thought on “Maddy in Real Time: Tuesday, March 29

  1. How fun! I am so glad she is having a blast and that you are keeping me posted on everything happening! I love you and miss you!

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