Maddy in Real Time: Wednesday, March 30

Today was not as eventful as the past few days.  Part of this is due to the fact that we are preparing to visit Amish country on Thursday so I needed a day to finish up at work and prepare for the trip and the other part is because Maddy has contracted some sort of cold.  She spent a majority of the day sleeping.

I hate it when she is sick.  She’s tackling her illness like a trooper, and while I think it is just a cold there is this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that knows she is going to share it with me.  She is much better at being sick than I am, although she did inform me that sick girls do not get their picture taken…so you will notice the disdain in her expression in the next photo.

The other thing you missed today was the lovely snow.  I say lovely with a lot of sarcasm, but nevertheless here is hopefully the last snow of spring.  Somehow I do not think it is the last time we’ll see these flakes before your return home.  Mike, would you mind bringing the sunshine back?  Nothing else please, just the sunshine.  🙂



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