Maddy in Real Time: Thursday, March 31

Today I played hooky from work and Maddy and I (along with Grandma, Beffy, and Aunt Paula) took a drive down to Amish country to do some shopping and enjoy the day.

We started our trip with a quick breakfast at Panera before starting out toward Mt. Eaton.  It has been a while since I’ve traveled to Amish country, but every time I go I cannot help but remember all of the trips that I took there with my Grandma.  We stopped at two bulk food stores: Smiths’ and Ashrey’s where we bought lots of spices, baking items, and even popcorn.  Note to Michael: when you get home we will have to make the rosemary popcorn Danielle raves about…I think I have everything to make it now.

We stopped in Berlin for some additional shopping at the antique mall, bakery, and victorian store.  I found a mason jar of vintage buttons and papers for scrapbooking and mixed media.  Maddy enjoyed the Victorian shop because it had a bathtub full of packing peanuts.  When it was time for lunch we returned to the car and drove to Der Dutchman.

Maddy enjoyed her chicken fingers and ice cream and the rest of us enjoyed our Amish pie!  After lunch we headed to our hotel.  Maddy loved driving through the hills looking at all of the farms, animals, and passing all of the carriages.  When we arrived in Zanesville, Maddy enjoyed some swim time.

Kandi joined us in the evening for dinner.  Tomorrow we are all headed to the Longaberger Homestead.


One thought on “Maddy in Real Time: Thursday, March 31

  1. Okay, so I know it has only been a week, but my gosh, she looks like she is getting bigger! I’m so glad you are having fun & staying busy! I love you!

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