Maddy in Real Time: Sunday, April 3

Today was an ordinary Sunday with the one exception that Daddy is not with us.  Maddy spent the morning at church learning that Jesus wants us to be friends.  She had lunch with Mommy, Grandma, & Grandpa and then headed home for a quick chat with Daddy and a nap.  (The photo is a little blurry because I opted for no flash, but my hand is not always steady.)

After waking from her nap, she spent the late afternoon with Grandma & Grandpa Johnston who took her to McDonald’s for dinner and playtime.


She finished up the evening watching Tangled and scrapbooking.  Maddy has developed an obsession for my Prima sculptured flowers and wants to use them anytime she sees them.  I really can’t blame her, they are beautiful.  After Grandma & Grandpa went home Maddy completed a puzzle with Auntie Kandi and Danielle before heading to bed.

On a side note, her demeanor is up and down.  I think that some of this can be contributed to her polishing off a cold, but I do think that she is trying to test the limits of how far she can go with the whole “my daddy is in another country” line of reasoning.  Needless to say she isn’t getting very far.

Tomorrow I am taking Maddy to preschool to help with a fun art project, and then it is off to Columbus for some fun with Grandma, Aaron, & Beffy at Polaris and COSI.  Until tomorrow…


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