Maddy in Real Time: Monday, April 4

Today Maddy went to Preschool.  It was a special day because Mommy (I) was able to go with her to help with a special project.  The theme for the day was Spring Flowers.  Maddy enjoyed listening to the stories, singing new songs, and making a flower craft.  Here are some photos from the day.


After preschool we headed for Columbus.  There were hopes of visiting the zoo, but the Ohio weather has not been cooperative…anyone really surprised here?  So instead of the zoo we settled for Polaris Fashion Place and the Zoo playground in the middle of the mall.  Maddy had a great time playing and then Grandma bought her several Princess dresses for Disney.  My favorite is the Rapunzel dress.

After the mall we headed to our hotel where Maddy had some fun swimming with Aaron and Beffy.  She has loved spending time with them this week, and I think it has helped pass the time.  Here are some photos from her most recent swim trip.

Tomorrow we have plans for COSI!  Until then…


One thought on “Maddy in Real Time: Monday, April 4

  1. Your child is so unloved. How can you live with yourself!!!!!??????!!!!! Very cute pictures. Love the one of Beffy’s hand, and she says I am short!?!?

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