Scrappy Monday: Documenting Birthday Memories

It’s time for another Scrappy Monday!

Scrapping birthday memories can be stressful.  My process for normal pages is very organic, but when it comes to Birthday pages I freeze.  Even now as I’m composing this blogpost I’m finding myself unable to form any advice.  Why is it that birthday memories strike fear into the hearts of even the most dedicated of scrappbookers?  What makes birthday memories so much more important and scary than any other memories?

So what are my words of wisdom for documenting those important birthday memories?  Chill out!  Take your time to get things right, but don’t let them fester for too long.  Set a goal for yourself and have fun!  In the long run, it isn’t about the latest and greatest trends in scrapbooking…after all, when your children are looking at them later in life they are not going to know whether you used the newest products or not, but they will know that you put your heart into those pages.

Now go scrap!  And if you were wondering, here is my most recent birthday layout…


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