Maddy in Real Time: Tuesday, April 5

Today was Grandma’s birthday!  To celebrate her birthday, Grandma decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to take an overnight trip with Maddy, Aaron, Beffy, and Mommy (me.) We started the day at the hotel in Columbus where Maddy swam and then posed for a little photo shoot for me.  Here is a happy face and a sad face:

We then headed off to COSI.  Maddy had a ton of fun at COSI.  We had lunch, went to the IMAX, and then visited a ton of exhibits.  They have a young explorers play area that Maddy spent a lot of time enjoying.  Here is Maddy at the water station…

…at the sound station…

…and at the bubble station.

In the progress exhibit Maddy ran through the 1890’s and the 1950’s.  Here she is playing with an old fashioned hoop that Mommy showed her how to hit.

She also enjoyed playing with the giant light bright board.

The newest exhibit at COSI is all about Geckos.  While I know they may not be Daddy’s favorite mascot Maddy enjoyed looking at all of the different types of Geckos.

I think Maddy had a wonderful day.  Right before we left we decided to visit the Ocean exhibit.  Big mistake!  What I did not know what that this was a totally interactive water exhibit without the cute little raincoats in the kids areas.  Let’s just say that Maddy went home in a brand new COSI shirt…

Today was a wonderful day.  I am glad that Grandma allowed us to spend her birthday at COSI.  There is so much to do there, and I definitely see a return trip in our future…hopefully with Daddy in tow!


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