Maddy in Real Time: Wednesday, April 6

Today I must admit I am feeling like a failure in the Mommy department because there was no great fanfare today of Mommy and Maddy activities.  Don’t get me wrong, Maddy is still having a blast…just not with me.  I had to go to work today meaning that Maddy stayed home with her Grammy.  She had a great day playing and doing laundry with Grammy.  In fact, she woke me up this morning reminding me that she was going to spend the night with Grammy and Pappy and they were going to make pancakes when she woke up in the morning.

I know that she is having a really good time at Grammy and Pap’s house.  Why?  Simple.  I called earlier to wish Maddy a goodnight and she would not talk on the phone.  Instead I heard her giggling which means that she is obviously in a good enough mood to tease her mother.  So you see Daddy, she refuses to talk to everyone.  🙂

Since I did not have a picture of her today, I thought I would share one that I took but did not yet blog about…


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