Scrappy Monday: The Object Photo

Happy Scrappy Monday!

As the spring holidays approach us I wanted to blog about the “object” photo.  Chrissy, what is an object photo?  Well let me answer that one.  To me, an object photo is the random photo that you snap with your smartphone or camera and then subsequently forget to take any other photos for the rest of the event.  For me it usually centers around holiday meals.  I will remember to take a quick photo of the table telling myself that I will continue to take photos and then I get involved in the conversation, the food, the laughter, the food, okay you get it.

Anyway, I usually end up walking away from those events kicking myself that I forgot to take other pictures.  Grr!  So there are a few different things that can be done to rectify this one.  Since I’m a follower of the Library of Memories system I could just simply pull out photos of the people who were at the event (or a similar event) and create a page about it.  But that to me just doesn’t seem authentic.  Yes I would be able to scrap the memory, but I would know that I fudged it.  So the solution that I’m learning to accept is just to own the fact that I didn’t take any really good “family” pictures and just scrap the story.

Here’s an example:

This page outlines a special Thanksgiving tradition that we share in our home with our closest family and friends.  Because I am doing a lot of the cooking I generally forget to take photos.  Confession: this photo was from someone else’s phone, and she had to send it to me because I forgot to even take a picture.  Is this page absolutely stunning?  No.  Is there an amazing photo? No.  Do I have an authentic memory scrapped for posterity? Yes.  So take a step out of your comfort zone and scrap those object photos…you will be glad you did.


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