Repurpose & Reinvent: The Checkerboard Challenge

Happy Thursday to All!

So today I’d like to show you a project that I helped Maddy’s preschool class complete for an upcoming silent auction.  Each class had to do a project to auction off.  Being the creative one in the bunch I was approached to help create a fun and unique project with a budget of $20.

I immediately began thinking of what Maddy’s class could make to set them apart.  I have to admit that the competitive spirit in me wanted to make sure that the Monday Mom-n-Tot class crushed all of the other projects…we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I found a wall hanging checkerboard at Hobby Lobby in the 80% off clearance.  Score!  I should have taken a photo of it before I finished it so that you could gaze at its overall nastiness because it was a grungy brown and brick-red checkerboard with chickens on it.

In order to prep the board I used gesso to cover the entire front and sides.  Once it was completely clear I was at least able to think of ways to use it.  I redrew the lines and created a cloudy checkerboard with a green base.  On preschool Mondays the kids placed thumbprints around the entire canvas.  Once I had the board home I doodled on the prints making flowers, butterflies, worms, and lots of other fun things.  I also had the little ones put thumbprints on the checkers creating frogs and bumble bees.  Here are some photos of the finished work:

To make sure everything stayed in place I sealed the entire board and all of the checkers with Mod Podge.  I love how this project looks and now I’m thinking I need to bid on this at the silent auction…and if I lose I know how to make another one.

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