Maddy in Real Time: Friday, June 24

Hi all!  I’ve been neglecting my blog hard core over the past month and a half, but I’m making a commitment to post something at least once a week.  For now though, we’re talking a post at least once a day because again Michael is traveling to India for work.  This time it is three weeks.

I must admit that this trip so far has been a little harder on Maddy.  Maybe it is because she now understands what it means for Daddy to be away for an extended period.  I am happy to announce that bedtime tonight was a success in that there were no tears.  The chicklet is sleeping in my bed, but isn’t that part of the fun of a parent being out of town?

Anyway, after we took Daddy to the airport today we opted for a fun evening at the Akron Zoo with Grandma, Uncle Bobby, and Danielle.  It was member night meaning the zoo was open late.  Here are some photos from our trip, and they are a little grainy since I took them with my iPhone.

Maddy had a fantastic time at the zoo.  She loved feeding the goats and riding the train.  It was a good diversion for her.

On the way to the zoo, Uncle Bobby and Maddy had a cute conversation.  She asked him if he was there to cheer her up.  He asked why, and she told him that her Daddy had left for India and she was a little sad, but she was happy that he came into town to make her feel better.  We’re not going to tell her that he’s really here for Danielle’s birthday…besides, doesn’t the world revolve around her?

Until tomorrow…


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