Maddy in Real Time: Sickie Update

Well it does not look like the fever will be breaking soon.  I must say that this afternoon I was really beginning to feel depressed about the demise of Princess Camp.  I was very excited to take her and I know she was very excited to be attending.  So down in the dumps I’m sitting with a child on my lap that somewhat resembles a wet mop when my phone rings a weird number.  Given how the day has been going I just figured why not answer it.  It was the studio where Princess Camp is taking place calling to see how Maddy was feeling and to see if she would want to go to another Princess Camp in July since she could not make the first day.  Can I just say this call made my day!?!  Not only does Maddy have the opportunity to go again, but Daddy and Grandma will both be home to see how excited she is about it!

The only sad part is we will have to wait a little longer for her to dawn her first ballet outfit, but here’s a cute sneak peak for July!  Maddy tried on her outfit last week for her adoring fans.


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