Maddy in Real Time: Wednesday, June 29

I’m going to also title this as “the day that didn’t go completely as planned.”  Pap was supposed to have a small scope which turned into a trip to emergency surgery and a current bed in the ICU.  Does the man ever do anything simple and as planned?

Anyway, Maddy is beginning to turn the corner on being sick…I think.  Her fever is at least not as high as it has been the past two days.  In fact, the Tylenol is brining it down to normal which is a great thing!

Grandma Johnston stepped in today to pinch hit for Grammy with Pap in the hospital.  Maddy had a blast with her playing on the porch, watching cars and animals from the bench, making a tent, and doing a million other things.  I’m glad she had some special time with Grandma Johnston, and I think Grandma enjoyed it too!

A special package arrived in the mail today compliments of Daddy.  Maddy loved her new things from the Personal Disney Shopper.  Here are a few photos:


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