Maddy in Real Time: Thursday, June 30

Greetings from sick world!  Maddy is still fighting something, and today we decided to throw in the towel and just call the doctor.  We have a tentative diagnosis of try to give her Benadryll tonight and see if it works, but he was kind enough to give us a prescription for an antibiotic if she is not feeling better in the next day.  I’m happy that he isn’t making us come back in for a follow up before giving us an antibiotic.  Thanks doc!

After her appointment, Maddy was feeling good enough for a McDonald’s lunch with Grandma Johnston.  She decided that her salad lid would make a good steering wheel.

Other than the doctor’s visit today has just been another day of Maddy on the mend.  I did spend some time at the hospital visiting Pap who has been downgraded to a regular room.  Unfortunately for him there are no available beds in the hospital so he is stuck in ICU…he’s trying to be in good spirits about it, but would you want to be in ICU when you don’t have to be?

Until tomorrow…


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