Maddy in Real Time: Tuesday, July 5

Today Maddy headed back to the Columbus Zoo to spend some more time riding the fun rides.  After spending a few hours on the swings, frog hopper, and carousel we decided to have lunch.

Instead of eating at the Zoo, Grandma decided to take Maddy to a restaurant she had never been to…The Melting Pot.  I was a little skeptical of how she would like things, but I was excited to be going to the Melting Pot too!

Maddy loved it.  She was able to have blue cooking tools which made her very happy!  She enjoyed bread, chips, salad, filet, chimicurri beef, and then her favorite course…chocolate desert!

After lunch it was time to spend some time in the pool.  Maddy made sure to get extra wrinkly before she was done swimming.

After swimming and dinner Maddy enjoyed some time by the fire pit.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Akron to begin working on the preparations for Pandamania! So until next time…


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