Some Family Updates…

Happy Day!

There are lots of things that have taken place in the Johnston household over the past few weeks, months etc.

1.  We survived SKS.  Maddy had an amazing time at Pandamania and made a life changing decision.  I love my little smartie!  We had lots of kids in the preschool class and had lots of fun!

2.  Daddy is home!

3.  Maddy started dance classes.  Ballet is this week at Excellence in Dance, and next week she is trying Princess Camp at Starmakers Performing Arts Center.  So far she is loving it!

4.  Maddy is going to be a big sister.  That’s right our family will be expanding in January.  So if you were wondering why I fell off of the blog planet, let’s just say that morning sickness hit me hard this pregnancy.

Well that’s it for now!  Until next time…


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