Speed Scrappin’: Quick Tips for Creating Multiple Layouts in Little Time

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve decided to jump back into the blogworld with a short series on Speed Scrappin’.  I like to scrapbook, but I do not always have a lot of time during the week to actually sit down and do it.  Instead of getting discouraged and putting it away for a day that I do have time, which let’s face it probably will not happen until my children are much older, I have found some tricks to beat the clock.  So here they are:

1.  Use “go to” Sketches – For me, this is two photos askew with a few layers of papers, title and some handwritten journaling.  Here are a few examples:

2.  Scrap 4 x 6 Photos – This may be a no brainer for some people, but for me it was a small epiphany.  I develop my photos quarterly or sooner if there is a good sale.  I use iPhoto and create smart albums for easy uploading.  For those of you who think this may take a long time – I usually do it on the couch while hubby and I are watching TV…I like to multi-task in case you didn’t notice.  Anyway, I print what I want to scrapbook, and if I am have a serious need to get a larger print I just print it at home and scrap it immediately. Using just one size of photos allows me to put the photos I want to scrap in little stacks on my worktable so I can flip through the photos and choose the photos I want to put on a layout that day.  Yes I do have long term photo storage and category drawers for the long haul, but when I’m just doing a series of pages this is how I get it done quickly!

3.  Use a Paper Pack – I am in love with coordinated paper packs!  My current favorites come from Echo Park because the letter and embelishment stickers help me pull things together quickly.  Paper packs give you a bunch of coordinated patterns to work with which helps you pull things together quickly!

4.  Organize your Stuff – When you have your stash in order and you can find everything quickly it makes for faster completion of projects!  Think about what you use and make sure it is easily accessible.


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