Speed Scrappin’: The “Throw Away” Layout

Today I wanted to share another tip for speed scrappin’.  At some point in time we all find ourselves with a few extra minutes to scrap and a creative block preventing us from doing so.  Let’s just all shout in frustration together shall we?

A suggestion that I have heard from many scrap gurus is make a “throw away” page.  At first when I heard this I was kind of annoyed – you want me to waste my supplies on a page that I’m just going to throw away!?!?!  Then I thought about it a little more and I realized that they were not meant to be thrown away, but instead just get me moving in the right direction.  I’m never going to throw away a layout, but I can take photos that do not have the major stories in life (more the everyday) and throw them together on a simple page using scraps or papers that may not be my favorite.

Here are a few examples of my “throw away” pages:

Oh!  Another think I’d like to say about “throw away” pages is that they take me ten minutes or less.  They are not meant to set trends in style or be awarded for amazing scrapping ability.  Simply stated, they are memories that I will look back on and cherish whether it took me an hour or ten minutes to document.


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