40 Days of Prayer for Congress

If you have been keeping up with the American Policy Roundtable’s 40 Days of Prayer for Congress then you already know that yesterday we reached the “Ohio’s.”  The majority of our Representatives are the prayer list for today.  If you would like to add District 1: Steve Chabot to this list feel free!

Here is the list for today:

Rep. Steve Austria Ohio – DISTRICT: 7
Rep. John Boehner Ohio – DISTRICT: 8
Rep. Marcia Fudge Ohio – DISTRICT: 11
Rep. Bill Johnson Ohio – DISTRICT: 6
Rep. Jim Jordan Ohio – DISTRICT: 4
Rep. Marcy Kaptur Ohio – DISTRICT: 9
Rep. Dennis Kucinich Ohio – DISTRICT: 10
Rep. Bob Latta Ohio – DISTRICT: 5
Rep. Jean Schmidt Ohio – DISTRICT: 2
Rep. Betty Sutton Ohio – DISTRICT: 13
Rep. Pat Tiberi Ohio – DISTRICT: 12
Rep. Michael Turner Ohio – DISTRICT: 3

Tomorrow we finish up the “Ohio’s.”  Here is that list:

Rep. Dan Boren Oklahoma – DISTRICT: 2
Rep. Tom Cole Oklahoma – DISTRICT: 4
Rep. Bob Gibbs Ohio – DISTRICT: 18
Rep. James Lankford Oklahoma – DISTRICT: 5
Rep. Steven C. LaTourette Ohio – DISTRICT: 14
Rep. Frank Lucas Oklahoma – DISTRICT: 3
Rep. Jim Renacci Ohio – DISTRICT: 16
Rep. Tim Ryan Ohio – DISTRICT: 17
Rep. Steve Stivers Ohio – DISTRICT: 15
Rep. John Sullivan Oklahoma – DISTRICT: 1
Rep. Greg Walden Oregon – DISTRICT: 2
Rep. David Wu Oregon – DISTRICT: 1

40 Days of Prayer for Congress

I thought this was a great e-mail that I got from the America Policy Roundtable.  Instead of summarizing, I thought I would share.  I plan on participating.

40 Days of Prayer For Congress


What is the best thing we can do for America today?

For over thirty years we have been asking that question nearly every morning. Three years ago we began a process together that seems to be a very important part of the answer.

“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” I Timothy 2:1-2

Once again this year, the Roundtable is launching the 40 Days of Prayer for Congress. In light of the tragic events in Arizona, we are pushing up the start date of this prayer vigil to this coming Monday, January 24th.

Starting Monday, January 24th, we are inviting you to partner with us in the 40 Days of Prayer for Congress. The 40 Days of Prayer for Congress will also be highlighted coast to coast on The Public Square Radio broadcast. You can tune in to your local affiliate or online at aproundtable.org, or pick up the podcast via Blubrry or Roku TV. Every day a short list of members’ names will appear at the 40 Days of Prayer for Congress. We will simply pray through the list of names each day. At the end of 40 days we will have lifted every seat of the Congress in prayer.

We are hoping that these tools will help all of us encourage family members, friends, and neighbors to join in this important work of intercessory prayer. We invite you to join in the adventure.

– The American Policy Roundtable
View the 40 Days of Prayer Calendar

The American Policy Roundtable
National Headquarters
11288 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149


If you want more information about the AP Roundtable go to www.aproundtable.org

Little Things

As things get crazy this week, and you find yourself running to CVS for that last minute gift card that you have to buy for someone’s girlfriend that you don’t even know, but you realize that you probably should give them something.  Or it is 11:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and on your way to Midnight Mass and you realize that you totally forgot to buy your present for the family gift exchange and you’re wondering what you can dig out of your basement or closet that could pass as a gift without you doing the after midnight Wal-Mart shop of shame.  Anyway, as things get crazy this week, take some time to think about what it really important this season.  That Christmas is a time of hope, a time of thankfulness, a time for counting blessings, a time for loving family, a time for faith.  Take some time and appreciate the little things…not the last minute gift runs.

Be Merry!


The Message of 8/28

The message of the day was clear: America needs to return to its roots which begin with a firm reliance on God.  The Declaration of Independence is clear (but I will paraphrase a little.)

“With firm reliance on Divine Providence, we pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.”

So what does all of this mean?  In recent days there has been some backlash from many in the media both local and national referring to those who gathered in the mall as racists, religious nuts, blind sheep, etc.  Call us what you will – we will not be offended and attack back.  We know who we are and your attempts to belittle us will not work.  Instead of yelling back we will do what most of us have always done in a time of trial: pray.