Reflections on Disney

Happy Thursday!

Last week we spent some time at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  Maddy is still crying that she misses Disney World, and while Caleb will not remember his first trip to Disney – we still have some great memories and photos to show for it.  Here are a few photos from our trip.


I’m sure you will be seeing some of these photos in layouts very soon!

Introducing Caleb

Hi Friends!

It has been almost four months since this little guy came into our lives.  I have not shared a lot of pictures of him on the blogosphere so here are some of the little guy that I call Happy Bear…among many other cute little names.  While they are not the best photos – I think they capture his little personality!


As for his personality – we are so blessed.  He is a good little sleeper, just like his sister was at this age, and I cannot tell you how fortunate I know we are when it comes to that.