Faith and a Haircut


Here’s a fun, true story that has happened in our world this week.

My mom was brushing Maddy’s hair a few days ago and asked her if Mommy took her for a haircut.  She said no.

A few days went by, and a few more people commented – her hair was still able to be pulled up easily and it looked even, yes there were some areas that looked like there had been some breakage, but it had been a while since her last haircut.

Finally, Maddy went to stay the night with Grandma.  Before bedtime Grandma asked her if she had cut her hair herself and this is what she said:  “Well, I wanted shorter hair so I decided to cut it.  So while Grammy was downstairs doing laundry with Caleb I took the scissors and cut my hair and threw it away in the kitchen trash.  I knew after I did it that it  was wrong and I should not have done it so I prayed to God, because He was the only one who saw me do it, and I know He forgave me so everything was okay and I didn’t need to worry about it.”

…needless to say my mother called me immediately and retold the story, and I made a mental note that we were going to Best Cuts as soon as she got home the next day…we’ll come back to this later…

More important to me was how she responded to my mom.  Maddy knew that it was wrong to cut her hair so she prayed and asked forgiveness.  I’m so glad that she understands the true nature of God’s forgiveness and freedom from guilt at an early age!  In the last few weeks we have been talking a great deal about forgiveness at church.  In fact, you can watch one of the most recent teachings about forgiveness here.

We love our church and we love how much our family is growing into a deeper relationship with Jesus.  We transitioned here as a family in January and it was a big decision to leave where we were very involved, but over the past months God has show us in so many ways that we are in the right place.  I have gone from seeing Jesus in black and white to high definition, and it appears that our little ones are being fed in the same way we are!  Hallelujah!

So back to the haircut.  I took Maddy to Best Cuts to “fix” the haircut.  The stylist took about five minutes to fix her style and informed me that for a self haircut it was extremely even.  In fact it was the best self haircut she had ever seen.

…we’re not sharing that tidbit with Maddy.  She now understands that she need a license to cut hair!


Some Family Updates…

Happy Day!

There are lots of things that have taken place in the Johnston household over the past few weeks, months etc.

1.  We survived SKS.  Maddy had an amazing time at Pandamania and made a life changing decision.  I love my little smartie!  We had lots of kids in the preschool class and had lots of fun!

2.  Daddy is home!

3.  Maddy started dance classes.  Ballet is this week at Excellence in Dance, and next week she is trying Princess Camp at Starmakers Performing Arts Center.  So far she is loving it!

4.  Maddy is going to be a big sister.  That’s right our family will be expanding in January.  So if you were wondering why I fell off of the blog planet, let’s just say that morning sickness hit me hard this pregnancy.

Well that’s it for now!  Until next time…

Maddy in Real Time: Friday, July 8

So today was another SKS prep day.  I’m happy to say that we have finished almost all of the preparations for SKS.  There are just a few things remaining to do which are making me a very happy camper.  Here are some photos from the day:

We definitely got a lot accomplished!  Maddy had a great time at the church as well.  Here are a few fun snapshots of her:

I think she looked adorable in her little Mexican dress that Grandma brought her back from Texas.  She loved how much it spinned!

Until later…

Maddy in Real Time: Wednesday, July 6

Today we packed up and headed back home.  Maddy was happy to ride on the cart, but I’m not sure how happy she was to be leaving the Columbus Zoo behind.

We didn’t head home right away.  Instead we stopped at ABT for some Pandamania prep.  I must admit that not having Daddy around to help with things has been different.  We are definitely missing you!  Tonight Maddy asked to spend the night with Grammy.  Since she (and Grammy) said please there really wasn’t any other answer

Tomorrow should be a regular day.  Mommy is going to work and Maddy is spending the day with Grammy.

Until later…